London Mayor expresses sadness over incident at Asake's concert

London Mayor expresses sadness over incident at Asake's concert

The sold-out show at the O2 Academy Brixton was disrupted when groups of uninvited guests rushed into the venue, leading to the hospitalization of 8 people.

Asake stated that he is still trying to gather information about what caused the disturbance and has expressed his concern for those affected.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, also expressed sadness over the incident.

Asake apologized to fans who were unable to see the end of his performance as well as the eight people who were injured and taken to the hospital.

He stated that he is concerned for those who were injured and is trying to find out more about what caused the disturbance at the entrance to the Brixton Academy.

He also mentioned that he was grateful that the situation eventually became peaceful.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan expressed his condolences and concern for those affected by the incident at the Brixton Academy.

He stated that eight people were taken to the hospital, with four in critical condition, and that an urgent investigation is underway.

He emphasized the importance of finding answers for those affected and urged anyone with information to contact the police.

He also vowed to continue working until the necessary information is obtained.